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I have an obsession about Skulduggery Pleasant, a great book series about a skeleton and a girl who save the world - Skulduggery Side Blog


YOu are a great person. You are unique. There are seven billion people on this earth and yet, you are you.Don't let anyone get you down.'

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Having a mental disorder makes you see the world in a different way

You notice things normal people don’t

Like the faint scars on people’s arms

The emptiness in their eyes

The way they smile with their mouths but not with their eyes

The anxiousness they feel when having to eat in front of others

Just little things most would look over

but you notice

Because they’re just like you


 homophobic people  that get mad when you call them out on their bullshit


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I looked into the TARDIS and the TARDIS looked into me. I create myself. I am the Bad Wolf